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[09 Nov 2005|04:04am]
I admit it. I've been away from Ukon for a really long time, he's bound to get lonely... But I've been working my ass off to do something for him. So... I'd really apreciate it if SOME people Sasuke would not make any kind of advances on him.

Thank you.

18 hour work days blow... barely have time for anything between working at the shop and the extra job I took. But... it'll all be worth it in the end.
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[14 Oct 2005|06:26am]
My brother is so clingy... sex him up a few times and he's stuck to me like clue. Didn't we seperate for that reason? 9_9;

Kidoumaru... would you like to go drinking again? That headache in the morning is worth a thousand words, and a good card to keep Ukon away from me for an evening.

<< Yes. I do love my brother, so don't hate on me because we're beautiful.

O_O SASUAGE-SAMA DIES TOMORROW! u_u he insulted Ukon and made the little bitch cry. Anyone who makes my brother cry suffers my wrath! Prepare your funeral I'm not going to hurt you that bad. it's just for show!
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no more ukon in my hair [19 Sep 2005|02:29am]
uhm... yeah Ukon and I split because... he like wanted to sleep on the left side, and I wanted to sleep on the right side. Big arguement, he ended up knocking a hole in my side.

Kankuro... we have shit on you. We know where you live... it's not that hard to find you, you cat freak piece of shit. ^_^

I... have a thing for one legged hookers named Betty. o_o What?! They're sexy! Go fuck yourself. <<

What the hell have you guys been up to?! Stupid little bastards. Aren't you supposed to be doing BAD things?

Orochimaru-sama... sir... I want to talk to you about something if at all possible.
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